VDA 6.3 VDA 6.3

VDA6.3 - The standard for more efficient and more robust processes


In order to be able to conquer the increasing challenges of the automobile industry the union of automobile manufacturers (VDA) developed a standard for the enforcement of process audits, the VDA 6.3. 
Organisations like Audi AG, Bosch GmbH, Continental AG, Daimler AG, Knorr-Bremse GmbH, Prosche AG, VW AG and ZF Sachs AG engaged in the work and established this standard, as well as in their supply chain. 
Today the VDA 6.3 is a standardised tool with control mechanisms containing all processes of the product realisation chain. The aim is to establish reliable and robust processes in order to implement the “0 Errors” strategy of the automobile industry. 

In order to be able to ensure an efficient enforcement of the process audits according to VDA 6.3 certain requirements have to be fulfilled absolutely:
◥  Qualified internal auditors 
◥  Qualified supplier auditors 
◥  Clearly defined processes
◥  Qualified preparation incl. risk analysis 
◥  Control plan
◥  VDA-evaluation
◥  Customer specific requirements (e.g. Formula Q, Special Terms)

The use and control of important QM – tools and documents are attended by the enforcement of the process audit according to VDA 6.3. 
Examples are the organisation specifically adaptable VDA 6.3. Questionnaire, as well as tools like the control plan, risk analysis (e.g. FMEA) and problem-solving process like the 8D-report for instance.

There are valuation rules existing for the evaluation of the audit according to which the automobile industry classifies (potential) suppliers. The degree of performance illustrates the audit result and is subdivided in the grades A (>=90%), B (>=80%) and C (<80%). 

Furthermore the so-called generic approach will be viewed. In place the core aspects ”process responsibility“, “aims“, “communication“ and “increased risks“ are being assessed parallel to the evaluation of the single processes. 

After the evaluation follows the compilation of action plans picking up potential risks and ending only with the controlled and confirmed target achievement. 

There are expansive advantages arising for the organisations from the right and efficient application which in a long range lead to cost savings and a high customer satisfaction. Beyond further 
advantages arise, like for instance: 

◥ Early identification of potential risks within the product realisation chain 
◥ Cost savings through quicker product/process developments 
◥ Less claims and higher customer satisfaction through regulated and optimised production flow with constantly high quality 
◥ Only qualified suppliers are used 

As a licence partner of the VDA  ENCONA GmbH will accompany you with its experienced experts on the way to efficient and robust processes.